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Top Proven Ways To Make Money Online

What You Need To Know

  • We are sharing ways to make money online that we have tested and proven.
  • Choose a method of making money online that you are passionate about to keep you going through the varying seasons of income.
  • You can link your educational background to digital skills to make money online.

You can make money online through various ways, including Research, Coaching, Website Development, e-books, and Blogging. We will share with you how we did it so you can test them. Some of the ways we generate income require additional skills.



You can check out a detailed post on how we made 100 dollars in less than an hour by helping out researchers. You will need to be from a relevant educational or skill background. The method works better as a side hustle because of many variables.


Some people say they use VPN for a steadier income from the research. We did not use VPN. The site is called Respondent.


They pay in as little as seven days. You need to have a PayPal account to receive payment. Interview methods and lengths differ.


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Are you experienced in a field that interests others? Are people willing to pay for your expertise? Start sharing advice on various forums.


Create a group and share your story. We have a group on Facebook with thousands of members that we began years ago out of our journey. Over time, people with similar struggles were willing to pay for guidance.


We now offer one-on-one guidance sessions. We still share our perspectives at no cost in our groups and other forums. Embrace automation for scaling the process.


Website Development

Many businesses and individuals believe in having an online presence. Some choose to have websites. You can build websites without knowing how to code.


The skill of coding can help you build better websites. Some organizations and individuals are willing to pay for the skill. You can make a personal website to showcase your skills before you build your portfolio.


Many companies provide templates that you can use to build websites without coding. The process is easy to learn. You can opt to pay someone to train you on how to do it.



You can write eBooks about your experience or expertise. You can also outsource the process to ghostwriters. You can then sell the eBooks locally, for example, through your website.


You can expand your reach to a global audience through platforms like Amazon. Use editing software while writing to take care of spelling and tense. Many websites offer digital tools for designing eBooks.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) can shorten the process of writing and designing eBooks. You can write an eBook in as little as a day with AI. Be careful to include a human element to make your eBooks relatable.



You are currently reading a blog. Blogs provide a platform to share your expertise and experience in an environment you control. Link your blog to digital products.


Some people use blogs as an avenue to earn from ads. You can link your blog to payment systems to automate digital product delivery. Many payment processors allow the receiving of digital money, including MPESA and cards.


You can use blogging as a marketing strategy. People tend to trust those they consider as a source of information. Remember, the role of marketing is to let people know, recognize, and trust you so that they are willing to buy from you.



Be open to try out new ways of earning money online. Some tools can shorten the process. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a game changer.


Linking your experience or expertise to your journey of making money online can help you stand out. Aim to do something daily towards your goal of making money online. Consistency is a powerful habit in any money-making venture.


Let your customers lead you. Use data to understand what matters to your clients. Aligning with their preferences will help you make money online faster.


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