3 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

3 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

Over the years, the digital space has become a goldmine. Many people are making money online. The challenge is differentiating the real opportunities from the fake ones.


In this article, we share three ways that we have proven to make money online.


  • Research

Respondent is a site that connects researchers with users. The idea is to give project owners insight into the perspective of their target market. The process can take as little as thirty minutes, and some can be as long as two hours.


Some research opportunities are location and industry-specific. The pay can be as low as 30 US dollars, while some projects pay up to 500 US dollars. They pay through Paypal.


  • Writing

Writing E-books and selling them is a proven way to make money online. You can write them using your experiences or areas of interest as inspiration. On the store section of this site, you will find examples of such E-books.

You can learn how to write them or outsource them to ghostwriters. The advantage of E-books is lower production costs. For example, you do not have to consider printing expenses.


Many people have something they are good at that others struggle with. Training others on topics of interest at a fee is a way of making money online. You can do this in a one-on-one or group setting.


You can vary the training period and method. Some have automated the teaching process. You can use white-label sites like Thinkific to automate the process.


Reality Check

Some people think of making money online as a get-rich-quick scheme. Success in the long term requires consistency and even training. You can reach out to trainers with a track record to get you up to speed on the latest developments to shorten your path to making cash digitally.


Consider how you want to model the customer journey as they interact with your products or services online.

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